Cardistry: What is CARDESTROY?

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Cardistry: What is CARDESTROY?

2016 has been a BIG year for Shivraj Morzaria. He was voted Breakout Cardist of the Year at the Cardistry-Con in Berlin, and the Cardistry genre he created, 'Cardestroy' has gained attention of mainstream media. From the social pages of Tech Insider, the HOOK to news channels like EBC Taiwan and Teletrece Chile. You will have probably seen it on your social news feed.

So what is Cardestroy? According to Shivraj,
The idea behind it was to find a use for the 'poop decks' (old decks) which I felt like throwing away. So I decided to do something weird with them. I bent the cards in such a way that they would follow some unique motions/mechanics or chain reactions. Now this was something that unlocked a new door for creativity. It was like "Dude! I'm not dealing with just rectangles anymore." 

The basic idea is based on an arrangement done on a flat surface, hands or anywhere possible and put in motion. Shivraj continued,
It was named "Cardestroy" because here cards were destroyed (folded/cut/rolled/etc.) to create. When I started with cardestroy, surprisingly the feedback graph started rising at an insane rate and the fun also increased proportionally. So I decided to promote the art. Although one should not confuse it with "Origami". The flexible definition I formed for it is: It is the art of destroying the cards in various way like Folding, Cutting, Rolling, etc. and bringing them to motion. But not using any sort of glue or tape or any other adhesives.
Check out this mesmerizing video of Cardestroy:

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