Kickstarter: Patrick Kun Talks About VISA Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Patrick Kun Talks About VISA Playing Cards

After a long hiatus, House of Playing Cards is back with a new deck of playing cards on Kickstarter. VISA Playing Cards is a collaboration between founder Alex Pandrea and magician Patrick Kun. The concept of the deck is based on travel, discovery, and exploration.

The deck features custom elegant back design printed with metallic silver printed with USPCC crush paper stock. According to Patrick,
We wanted to make the deck elegant and for everyday use. This is just the beginning, It features a Japanese artwork which represents Asia. Maybe the next line could be based on South Africa, Europe, so on...
The face cards include simplified standard court cards with metallic ink accents along with custom Ace of Spades and Jokers. All neatly housed in a high-quality custom tuck box.

VISA is not just a deck of cards but an experience! Patrick explained,
Each deck will come with a pass that allows people to register that pass based on their location. They then have to pass it to a stranger who will do the same. It is based on a play forward thing. The website will then track the card travelling around the world!

Three editions of VISA will be printed: Blue/Silver, Red/Gold Edition, and Private Reserve. The limited Red/Gold Visa deck available exclusively ONLY with the Asia Tour 2.0 DVD package. As for the Private Reserve, only 500 will be printed and given free when you pledge for 12 decks of Blue.

Check it out on Kickstarter HERE!

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