Deck View: Odyssey Playing Cards

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Deck View: Odyssey Playing Cards

Vibrant. Nebula. Minimalistic.

To kick things off in the new year, we have the deck view of Odyssey Playing Cards, an eye-catching deck designed by Sergio Roca. The deck is inspired by the Orion's Nebula and designed with cardists in mind. The vibrant nebula color palette accentuates card flourishes and displays, fans, spins and cascades look incredible!

Odyssey consists of 54 cards and features custom suits, aces, courts, 2 custom Jokers and a minimalistic tuck. The vibrant color palette is consistent across the deck and the diagonal white stripe is prominently featured on the card backs. This classy stripe will allow cardists to create and discover new shapes and enhancing displays for their card flourishes.

Odyssey Playing Cards are printed in Taiwan by the Hanson Chien Production Company (HCPC). For other cool playing cards, check out JP Playing Cards.

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