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First Look: SINS Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries Part 2

This is the second part of our first look at the upcoming SINS Playing Cards series from Giovanni Meroni's Thirdway Industries. In part one, we looked at SINS CORPUS the first unlimited deck in the series. In this first look, we will focus on the SINS MENTIS, the second deck of the campaign.
SINS MENTIS will be available at launch and it is based on the Sins that influence thought. Hence like the first deck, each suit represents a unique theme: Diamonds represent Greed, Clubs is Envy, Spades represents Pride and Hearts is Lust.
If you've noticed, Lust is can be found on both the CORPUS and MENTIS decks. According to Giovanni,
 Lust is doubled because it affects both body AND mind... and it's my favorite sin!
As for the deck design, the backs of SINS represents the Eden, the place where the first Sin happened. Giovanni continued,
In SINS Mentis (right), Eve was planning to eat the Apple of Knowledge, but she didn't actually do that - so Eden was bright. In SINS Corpus (left), Eve ate the Apple and she was banned. Without her and Adam, an eternal night fell on Eden. This means, chronologically, that SINS Corpus was happened after SINS Mentis.
Join us next week when we look at the final deck in the SINS series, SINS ANIMA! The provisional launch date for the campaign will be 17 February 2017. Stay tuned!

To find out more about SINS and anything Thirdway Industries, visit them at or follow them on Facebook.
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