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Card Gear: Magic Orthodoxy

Card Gear is our monthly feature dedicated to discovering new inventory, setup, and accessories used every day by card designers, cardists, magicians and collectors. The concept originated from the popular social media site, Instagram: #passthepockets. Whenever one of these hashtags come up on the social news feed, there's always something new to discover, no matter who that person is.

This month, we have the EDC of Magic Orthodoxy, our favorite playing card reviewer on YouTube. David has been a magician and card collector for over 20 years and created the YouTube channel back in 2013 when a friend asked him to review the Aether deck. He's been reviewing decks ever since.

David's YouTube channel is designed to teach you about cards and card collecting all in glorious HD. When not reviewing decks, David is a full-time Church pastor. David's gear (Italics are David's comments):

+ Revolution playing cards from Murphy’s Magic & Abraham Garcia (this is a brand new deck that I just started carrying in preparation for an upcoming review).
Butterfly playing cards from Ondřej Pšenička & Cartamundi Belgium (this deck has a wonderful marking system and I have been carrying it with me everywhere so that I get faster and faster at reading them).
+ Spiraled by Jimmy Strange (this plus another device that’s hidden in my wallet allows me to create a super cool illusion).
+ Rosary Prayer Beads (I have a few rosaries, all purchased from various auctions on ebay. No, I am not Catholic).
+ Vernet Band Writer (small magician’s utility that allows me to make “on the fly” predictions and always be 100% right).
+ Red Fidget Spinner (I use the spinner for what it was designed for; to keep me from fidgeting with my wedding ring).
+ USB flash drive (I always have one in my pocket, or my truck or my laptop bag).
+ EM Pocket Charger and Pen by Mark Allen (this hidden utility allows me to move any disposable bic pen across the table with only the powers of my mind).
+ Yellow Sven Pad from Brett Barry (this is a forcing utility that I carry with me that allows me to do a routine based on various action stars).
+ A Bible (since I am a full-time Church pastor, the word of God should always be near me, right? LOL)
+ Infinity Wallet by Peter Nardi and Alakazam (this baby is packed with magic, but not with money).

Don't forget to subscribe to David's YouTube Channel. If you would like your card gears to be featured on Kardify, contact us.

Card Gear: Magic Orthodoxy Reviewed by Ivan on 5/24/2017 Rating: 5

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