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Cardistry: 3 Questions with Lukas Aye of the AEY Catcher Deck

[Update] The AEY Catcher deck is NOW available on the AEY Catcher online store!

This unique cardistry deck was designed by Alessa Schröder for AEY Catcher, an international cardistry team consisting Lukas Aey, Hai Do, Felix Meyer and Bart Uriot. This fully custom deck was conceptualised by 19-year old Lukas from Germany, who is a performing magician and an aspiring cardist. His passion is to inspire people to follow their dreams and to bring the magic and cardistry community from around the world together.

We had a quick chat to Lukas about the inspiration behind the AEY Catcher deck, the community, and his favorite flourish and deck.

1. What is your inspiration behind the AEY Catcher deck? How did you come up with the idea?
We worked on the design a really long time. Especially Alessa, who had lots of great ideas. I can't really say how we did come up with that design. It was like a very long process of designing with exchanging ideas and feedback. The most importantly, it looks damn cool and looks modern and minimalistic, which in my opinion, stands out from the traditional decks.

What do you think of the cardistry community in terms of the feedback and support that you’ve been getting so far?
Of course, we already had amazing support from many of YOU! Well before the long awaited launch of our deck, we already received feedback and launch date requests from cardists literally all over the world and already have more than 4,000 Instagram (@aey_catcher) follower.

Finally, what are your favorite flourish and playing card decks?
Since I am not a professional cardist yet I don't have a favorite flourish and my favorite deck is, of course, the AEY catcher deck. It's more than a dream for me. It will get in many hands all over the world and people will have a better life with them.

[Update] The AEY Catcher deck is NOW available on the AEY Catcher online store!

Thanks Lukas and all the best! The AEY Catcher deck will be printed by the USPCC and available sometime in May. No launch date has been given at the time of writing.
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