Kickstarter: Wild West Playing Cards by Jamm Pakd Cards

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Kickstarter: Wild West Playing Cards by Jamm Pakd Cards

From Justin Froyd of Jamm Pakd Cards, the Wild West Playing Cards are a set of playing cards that depict the Lawmen and Outlaws of the Wild West such as Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and more.

Living in Arizona, Justin has always been interested in the historical characters that created a life in the harsh environment of the Wild West. According to Justin,
I remember my parents taking me to Tucson, AZ to see the old west shootout reenactments. I also enjoy Westerns and movies such as Tombstone.  With the deck, I wanted to capture historically accurate images of the Wild West Characters and not the pop-culture representations (didn't want Val Kilmer's image as Doc Holiday).

Justin did extensive research on the characters and historical photos of the Wild West in order to get as real as possible. Each image is hand drawn and then illustrated by J Gonzo.
Gonzo was able to capture the real representation of the characters but keeping the illustrations of the face cards with that "playing card art feel".

When creating playing card projects, Justin likes to have 2 different colored playing card backs.
One reason is poker games usually use 2 different decks to deal more hands to the players. They use different colored decks to help ensure the decks do not get mixed up. Also many people like to have 2 different colored playing card decks for their collections. I wanted to do something a little different from the norm. Instead of just changing the color of the back I wanted to create 2 completely different decks for this project. 

The Wild West Playing Cards campaign offers 2 different decks: Lawmen and Outlaw. Printed by the Expert Playing Card Co., each deck will have different tuck boxes, different back designs and different court cards for each deck.

Pledge starts from $13 and add-ons such as handmade playing card cigar style box, dealer coin and poker chips are available. Head on over to the project to wrangle up the Lawmen and Outlaw decks.
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