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Social Media Roundup: Deck Images and Cardistry!

Social network such as Twitter and Instagram provides a platform for breaking news and instant reactions. Cardists, Magicians and Card aficionados are often rarely pass up an opportunity to show off their card skills. Social networks are fast-moving and there are good amount of posts that don't get the recognition they deserve.

To change that, we've rounded up some of the best Tweets and Instagram posts from the past week with the hashtag #kardify.

Deck Images


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As @cardistrycon wrapped for 2017 and everyone goes home with creative ideas and empty wallets, it left some questions about why the the quality of designs goes down...why are the prices going up? Several comment threads asked why the big names never actually compete...but all that aside and focusing on the importance of creativity...this was easily the the most creative year that I've seen this far. Maybe it was the amount of livestreams, the better access to social media, the people recording all day and making a well edited video clips at night and posting them...who knows. It seemed like everyone loved The Con and it will be exciting to see how far people come creativity wise by this time next year. . . . . . . . . . . Cardistry Con Playing Cards from @artofplay and designed by @benjitaylor from Next Exit. Sponsored by @officialbicyclecards . . . . . . . . #playingcards #playingcardart #cardist #cardistry #cardistrycon #magic #magician #cardporn #sunrise #nofilter #artofplay #kardify #amazingcardistdecks
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PAY IT FORWARD!!! So...semi-long story here, but I hope you swipe and read before you ❤️ this post... * The other day, @kplittle89 put up a HUGE LIST of cards she was selling. I bought 11 decks from her for an unbelievable price! All was good! I paid, Kelsey mailed them out the next day and sent me a tracking number! A couple days later, there's the mailman with my package! We were out front, because it's FREAKING HOT in Colorado right now, so I met the mailman at the truck. He said "Hold on, there's another one, it's kind of heavy..." Hmmmmm. It was a Monday, so his truck was full of packages; he had to take stuff out of the truck to get to it, and I was telling him i wasn't expecting anything, maybe a kickstarter, nothing "heavy" though! He pulled out a 20 POUND PACKAGE!!! Kelsey, and Chris :) sent me ANOTHER package with these sealed, vintage/souvenir cards...94 DECKS!!! I messaged Kelsey after I broke the seal to make sure she didn't send the package to the wrong address...nope, right address!!! Kelsey!! Chris!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! These cards found a great home, and I have learned a very important thing...PAY IT's happened to me a few times now! Much Love. 🙏🏻 * #pokereaq #poker #pokercards #playingcard #playingcards #playing_cards #playingcardart #playingcardcollector #playingcardcollection #hocuspocusmagic #magicencarta #kardify #uspcc #useyourcards #payitforward #cards #cardart #cardlife #cardlove #carddeck #cardporn #cardistry #cardmagic #cardcollector #cardcollection #vintageplayingcards #deckofcards #thankyou #randomactsofkindness
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