Cardistry: 3 Questions with Lunzi of Grace & Gentle Playing Card

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Cardistry: 3 Questions with Lunzi of Grace & Gentle Playing Card

The Grace & Gentle Playing Cards is the first deck based on Lunzi's brand 'Grace & Gentle'. Lunzi is a popular cardist from China who started cardistry 10 years ago. With the help of the community, he was able to progress and became one of the cardist in China. He is well known for his smooth and aesthetically pleasing style of flourish. Lunzi has released lecture notes and a series of tutorials such as Smooth Writing, which can be found on Art Of Magic.

We had a quick chat to Lunzi about the inspiration behind the Grace & Gentle deck, the community, and his favorite flourish and deck.

What is your inspiration behind the Grace & Gentle deck? How did you come up with the idea?
I like black and white color art, with the combination of sword pattern and Grace & Gentle brand. That's where I got the idea. The visual effect of the card back is a knife through a set of diagonal lines, which is my favorite part of the design. I added two sets of diagonal designs to the face cards to make the deck visually pleasing and give it some character.

What do you think of the cardistry community in terms of the feedback and support that you’ve been getting so far?
I think the most fascinating part of cardistry is that you can use a deck of cards to convey your thoughts and share memories with others. It's interesting to be able to communicate with friends from all over the world who love the art. It is amazing that all this come from our love for a deck of playing cards.

Finally, what are your favorite flourish and playing card decks?
My favorite is the Trilogy By Dan & Dave. Each of the flourishes has given me a lot of help and inspiration. My favorite playing card is Bee Dark Diamond, a playing card that my friend produced back in 2014, which was a very important time for me.

Thanks, Lunzi and congratulations for hitting the funding goal!

Produced by TCC Playing Cards, the Grace & Gentle deck is available NOW on Kickstarter for $12. It will be printed by the USPCC.
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