Kickstarter: 5 Things You Should Know About Black Roses Playing Cards By Daniel Schneider

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Kickstarter: 5 Things You Should Know About Black Roses Playing Cards By Daniel Schneider

Currently funding on Kickstarter, the Black Roses Playing Cards is an elegant deck of cards that links classic design with modern elements. Meticulously created by Daniel Schneider, this deck is fully custom and features personalized court cards and an intricate back design composed of clean and smooth lines, making it very interesting to look at without feeling overwhelmed by excessive and unnecessary clutter. Here are 5 things you should know about Black Roses Playing Cards:

1. In 2014, Black Roses Playing Cards was initially launched on German Crowdfunding platform. Daniel told Kardify, "In 2014 Kickstarter wasn't even available in German so I thought using a German crowdfunding platform is the best idea. I was wrong... Just barely I have reached enough backers in 30 days to print 102 Black Roses decks. However, the cards weren't printed in the quality they deserve and it wasn't enough that the work has ever paid off. Honestly, I was also afraid to start a bigger campaign. Especially because of the result of the first project."

2. The Kickstarter campaign was 50% funded in the first 3 hours.
"I was overwhelmed by the support from our community. Never in my life, I thought that this could happen. Some of the backers of the original campaign have pledged again! I'm really thankful for their trust."

3. The Black Roses are completely re-designed. The back design is elaborately vectorized and also every personalized court card is completely vectorized and improved. "I updated some courts. I scanned the first court cards that I created and I replaced the faces... That's how I've started. I also replaced some people. That's actually a sad fact - people in your life come and go and I can see that if I look at the courts from a few years ago :D"

4. Magician Chris Brown (@orbitbrown) helped with the Crowdfunding video. "I wanted everything to be perfect. My biggest problem was the crowdfunding video. I don't want a cheap video where I film myself with my own camera. It should look professional. I love working alone, nobody tells you what to do. But I also knew I can't do this alone. Of course, after I came down from my ego trip, the first person who came into my mind was Chris Brown. He has the card and filming skills. Steve Jobs once said that nobody who he asked for help said no. This sentence has burnt into my mind."

5. Black Roses will be printed by the United States Playing Card Co.
The biggest update from the previous deck is the USPCC quality. "Plus 56 cards instead of only 54. Finally some place for a duplicate and a double backer!"

Pledge starts from €10. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here!
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