News: The Fourth Edition Of The Orbit Deck Has Landed!

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News: The Fourth Edition Of The Orbit Deck Has Landed!

Just in time for the holiday season, magician Chris Brown (@orbitbrown) released the Fourth Edition of the popular Orbit deck. The Orbit deck was originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in 2015, the second edition came out in 2016 and the third in mid-2017. For the Fourth Edition, Chris wanted to give everybody a chance to own one. In his write-up Chris said,
We printed 23,000 because we don’t care about breaking sales records or selling out in one hour, we care about everybody getting a chance to own these so they can complete their Orbit deck collection. Our customer base has grown exponentially and we think we are ready for the expansion of volume with our 23,000 decks weighing in at a little over 2 and a half tons.

What caught our eye about the Fourth Edition is the update of the card backs. The first three orbit decks had a very prominent central O symbol, which boldly defines the Orbit brand decks. In the new Edition, a new design element has been added already recognizable card backs. The solid line orbital path is simple yet effective, making fans and spread even more attractive with the Orbit deck. On the design, Chris said,
The borders were made a bit thinner than before to ensure the white shuttle line was noticeable in the spread. The black and white combo makes this deck a visual treat that will be hard to top.

On the popularity of the Orbit decks, Chris tells Kardify,
The support I have been receiving from the community is monumental. I was not prepared for this level of response. It inspires me to try harder to keep the support coming because I feel that support should be earned with each project. I shouldn't automatically receive support merely because of who I am. I put all of my heart into every bit of each project because to me it's a part of me that I am giving to the world and the world deserves nothing short of the best.
Like the other Orbits, the Fourth Edition features the same duplicate jokers, double backer, a duplicate 8 of spades and a hidden one-way design. Printed by the United States Playing Card Co, the Fourth Edition feature the Premium (Bee Stock) quality stock. Available NOW from for $12.
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