News: The Story Behind Alex Pandrea's X-Deck

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News: The Story Behind Alex Pandrea's X-Deck

Ok... where do I begin with this one? The X-Deck is an Uber-Limited deck with only 250 decks in circulation and is the third deck released following the Bicycle Inspire Red and the NOC Outs Black Edition. Not much is known about this deck when it was released as part of the Blue Crown holiday giveaway. So we asked Alex Pandrea, founder of the Blue Crown about the design and the significance of the 3 X's.
This deck was designed to celebrate my 30th birthday. X is 10, and 3 X's is 30 - DUH lol... ALSO I was born on October 10th (10/10).... and at 10:00 ... so that's another 3 10's. You can see how all this comes together - enough said haha..!
The tentative name given is the X-Deck. Alex continued,
I am familiar of another x deck on the market so I might change the name not to have this confused with other "deck"... if you can even call it that.
This limited edition deck is given free when you spend $100 on the Blue Crown's 2017 holiday event promotion. Head to and grab a bargain, particularly the EXCLUSIVE NOC 9 Pack for a cool $35! 
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