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Deck View: Gemini Casino (Royal Blue Edition) Playing Cards

Vintage. Vibrant. Casino.

Royal Blue is the third edition of the popular Gemini Casino decks line by Estonian playing card designer Toomas Pintson. Gemini is a fictional casino deck inspired by treasured classics like Jerry's Nugget and Dunes Casino playing cards. The new edition of Gemini features custom tuck, card backs, Ace of Spades and Jokers.

Since this is a casino-inspired deck, the pips, indices and courts are standard but come with a striking neon pink color in place of the familiar red. It is crazy vibrant and compliments the blue color perfectly. Combining a nostalgic ’70s design and high-quality modern day printing techniques by the United States Playing Card Company, Gemini definitely appeals to those who love and collect vintage casino playing cards.

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Deck View: Gemini Casino (Royal Blue Edition) Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 12/03/2017 Rating: 5

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