Deck View: Rockets Playing Cards

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Deck View: Rockets Playing Cards

Vibrant. Nostalgia. Imagination.

Our final deck view of the year comes from Ellusionist. Rockets Playing Cards are born from a world of pure imagination. This tasty looking deck is styled from a popular frozen treat of time past, giving a sense of nostalgia. The deck is semi-custom featuring a simple, imperfect border back design, a fun looking custom Ace of Spades and Joker, and standard pips and courts with a brighter and more radiant color consistent with the overall theme of the deck. The custom tuck is printed on a classic matte finish paper and features a lolly rocket flying through space.

Ellusionist is marketing Rockets as a cardistry deck and visually, the radiant colors and fun nature of this deck seem to accentuate motion and flourishes. Also, not forgetting the magicians, the deck includes a duplicate 9 of spades and a double backer for the working magicians who want to incorporate this deck into their routines.

Available NOW from Ellusionist for $8.95!
Deck View: Rockets Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 12/31/2017 Rating: 5

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