News: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Seekers Playing Cards By Billy French

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News: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Seekers Playing Cards By Billy French

One of two new releases by Art of Play during the Black Friday weekend, Seekers Playing Cards tells the story of two parallel worlds and the ongoing struggle for victory before the light is extinguished. The deck is conceptualized and illustrated by Billy French with each card meticulously drawn with great detail. Here are 5 things you didn't know about Seekers:

1. It’s all in the Name 
One of the hardest parts of designing a deck of cards is finding a good name! Billy told Kardify, “Seekers felt like a fitting title to the band of personalities that I had created for this deck, and doubled as a description for how I felt about my own work at this stage in my career. We’re all seeking greatness in some fashion - in our work, relationships, hobbies. I’m proud of this deck of cards - even if I’m still left seeking what’s next!"

2. Through the Gate 
"I’ve been obsessed with fine line work and cryptic symbols for awhile now in my design work - which is why I let that shine most in the case design." The tuck case was designed to represent a gate “to the other side” with the Ace of Spades representing the light of life - which we strive to keep lit. The back is a nod to the unknown, that mysterious next step. Designed to mimic a few things - a book/tome, curtains rising and closing, and avoid opening in space. Make of it what you will!

3. Inspired by Life… and Death. 
Just like Bloodlines, Billy wanted to craft a deck with unique court cards - but this time he wanted to tell a better story. "After messing with a few different thematics, I landed on two different card styles - one skeletal and one living! I then realized combination and juxtaposition of the two styles made for a great set of red / black hands, and worked forward from there."

4. A Little Birdie Told me… 
Fun fact, the Bird on the King of Spade’s shoulder is brought in from my “Playing Arts” submission. The card didn’t make it into the deck, but I loved the birds so much I found a way to incorporate it into this deck. I hope it’s small details like these that people will come to appreciate about this deck of cards.

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5. Collaboration with Art of Play 
This is my first collaboration with Art of Play. I originally had planned on doing a second Kickstarter - a follow up to my last deck of cards, Bloodlines. However, after reaching out to Art of Play and talking with Dan Buck a bit further about my hopes for fulfillment and printing of the deck, they graciously offered to partner on the deck of cards this time around. This meant the cards could be made in time for the holidays and would be backed by one of the greatest teams in the playing card business. They did a spectacular job working with Clove St. Press to make “Seekers” a beautiful reality. I’m honored to have my deck as an official Art of Play release.

Precisely printed by The United States Playing Card Company with D&D's trademark thin stock, and a premium finish for superior handling. Packaged inside a letterpress-printed tuck case featuring gold metallic ink and white foil. Available now from for $12.
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