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Cardistry: Broken Borders Playing Cards by Jaspas

Bold. Loud. Dangerous. Broken Borders Playing Cards is Jaspas' vision for the next big thing in the mesmerizing art of Cardistry. The captivating deck is inspired by the industrial motifs of modern urban life and meticulously integrated into the design. These cards take the simplest Cardistry moves and transform them into something powerful.

Broken Borders features design elements that overlap the borders of the cards, these cards are dramatic and bold. The diagonal stripes make the card look outstanding in cuts and spins, making flourishes loud and hypnotizing. The face elements are more prominent and hence, more eye-catching.

All these, tied together with a yellow and black colorway which, stretches from the cards to the tuck case, to the seal, to the brick box, and into the world around you.

Available now from for $13 or get a brick at a $36 discount!

Cardistry: Broken Borders Playing Cards by Jaspas Reviewed by Ivan on 3/23/2018 Rating: 5

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