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Detailed Look: MOAI Playing Cards by BOCOPO Playing Card Co

MOAI is an intriguing new deck of playing cards by BOCOPO Playing Card Co. The deck is inspired by a group of giant stone statues scattered over Easter Island located in the Chilean Polynesia. The origin and purpose of the statues is an enduring mystery and the designer translates that visual into these dark-themed cards beautifully.

MOAI Playing Cards is fully custom and prominently features a unique low-poly design of the statue portrait on the tuck, card backs, and the courts.

The Aces and Joker are very stylized and modern-looking, consistent with the overall color palette of the deck.

Here's why we love this deck. Firstly the blue tones are truly contemporary. The unique design combined with the black background and red colors on the corners card backs enhances card flourishes making fans, spreads and cascades look very good. Not only are the deck eye-catching, they handle incredibly well!

Printed by the U.S. Playing Cards Co. Available now from for $12.49.

Detailed Look: MOAI Playing Cards by BOCOPO Playing Card Co Reviewed by Ivan on 6/13/2018 Rating: 5

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