First Look: 5 Things You Should Know About Betrayers by Thirdway Industries

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First Look: 5 Things You Should Know About Betrayers by Thirdway Industries

Betrayers is a brand new deck of playing cards from the mind of Giovanni Meroni. The deck was teased at the end of August on Thirdway Industries newsletter. The link in the newsletter provided just enough information to pique our curiosity. So, we've reached out to Giovanni to find out more. Here are 5 things you should know about Betrayers, the new deck from Thirdway Industries:

1. The Betrayers Theme
Giovanni think the theme of betrayal is strong in the traditional French playing cards. Where there are crowns, queens, and spades, usually there is also poison, blades and broken hearts. Giovanni said, "I’ve always imagined that Queens of a suit could love a King of another. And that Jacks wanted to take King’s places. I also think that all my previous decks themes are based on Betrayal..."

2. Betrayers are linked with all your previous decks
Almost - Betrayers are, of course, Evil - like the characters of the Evil Deck. "Delirium story is based on betrayal too since the suits are four families fighting for the throne. A lot of Greek Heroes and Gods I've designed in my decks are Betrayers: Theseus, Ulysses, Zeus, Hera, Pasiphae... the list is long. Betray is, for many, the worst of the SINS that can be done. Eva and Pandora are probably the most famous Betrayers of the history - they betrayed the entire humanity for knowledge and curiosity."

3. Sinners, Betrayers, Evil Decks - all bad guys? 
Giovanni is fascinated by anti-heroes since he was a child. "Sometimes, when watching cartoons or movies, I've realized I was sympathizing with the antagonist, hoping he could win against the good (but boring) hero. Anyways... no - I am not a bad guy. In real life, I don't endorse nor justify any kind of evil behavior. There is something good about Betrayers? I think that all of us will commit and endure soft forms of betrayal in the course of our lives. This is bad, but also... normal. This made us stronger and more aware of others. Also, Betrayers are definitely evil, but there is also a positive point of view to see them: in the end, they're hungry dreamers that sacrifice everything and everyone in their way to get what they want."

4. Betrayers use a different style compared to Giovanni's other decks! 
"When I started my illustration career, my favorite style was only shapes, without lines. I've used this style only on the Evil Deck, but I started to change it almost immediately, with Delirium. I thought my "old style" wasn't fitting playing cards perfectly: I needed to use few colors, so - to avoid colors overlaps, it's better to have areas defined by a clear line. Anyways, after 5 years of experience in Playing Cards designer, I wanted the challenge to do a very complex deck with the style I've used in the past. In Betrayers I've introduced soft gradients - I usually hate gradients without reason, but in this deck, I've used them to scuplt the volumes of the figures. I really like the result so far! 

5. How many decks will be included in the Betrayers series? 
Giovani told Kardify, "Only two, I promise! But... can you trust the word of a Betrayer?" ;-)

To find out more about Betrayers and anything Thirdway Industries, visit them at or follow them on Facebook.

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