Kickstarter: 5 Changes Made to Aphelion (Black Edition) Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: 5 Changes Made to Aphelion (Black Edition) Playing Cards

Continuing the Aphelion series, the black edition of the deck by Parama Playing Cards is currently funding on Kickstarter. The inspiration for this elegant deck is similar to that of the first Edition- the journey. In a metaphorical sense, the journey of the earth around the sun.

Crafted for the collectors and magicians in mind, the deck features a custom back design, gorgeous Ace of Spades and unique jokers. The court cards are standard with an updated color palette to match the overall theme of the deck. Also, Pantone metallic gold ink will be featured on the cards giving it a touch of elegance.

Here's are the changes made to the second edition of Aphelion:

1. New Gaff Card for Magicians
The tuck reveal and the relative gaff card (9h) have been removed. Designer Paolo Tisato explained, "This time we decide to go for a double backer with the two backs (White back and black back). This is useful for who has both editions to jump from black deck to the white just with a color deck change."

2. Face Cards
"To make the deck more harmonious, we've added decorations elements on the side on all cards, unlike the first edition that was only on the court cards."

3. The Jokers
"They are largely the same but have something concerning the space journey. We loved seeing people searching for the meaning of the Aphelion Jokers. So we played again on them."

4. Production Run 1000 decks
"As a collector and backer, we don't want to move over the 1000 units to maintain rarity of the deck. Limiting the print run allows the backers to be the only ones to own them."

5. Printing with Legends Playing Card Co.
"We chose Legends again because we are very happy with the results. Perfect tuck box and absolutely high-quality cards. For example, the faro shuffle, used in many cards trick, comes in an easy way without any issues."

Pledge starts at $10 on Kickstarter. Add-ons such as uncut sheet and invisible deck are available during the campaign.

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