First Look: Blackstone Playing Cards

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First Look: Blackstone Playing Cards

[Update] The Blackstone Magic Bar Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Together with Anson Chen, Legends Playing Cards released the extremely rare Bund18 10th Anniversary Playing Cards, which is limited to ONLY 500 sets worldwide in 2014. The Blackstone Playing Cards set is the follow-up to the highly sought after decks.

Published by the founder of Blackstone Magic Bar, Anson Chen and Kickstarter campaign by TCC Playing Cards Co, the deck is inspired by classic Victorian design and a blend of modernist expressions, prominently featuring the 20th-century magic icon: the disappearing birdcage, floating light bulbs, and dancing handkerchiefs.

Designed by Grayson Stallings (Behance: @graysonstallings), the face cards are not only luxurious but also the artistic symbol of its value: Clubs symbolize heritage and loyalty to a tradition above all, Diamonds symbolize riches and the foolish pursuit of them, Hearts symbolize romance and the idolatry of a fleeting love, and Spades symbolize the sharpness of aggression and violence.

Each court card has a story of its own, and symbolism is key in connecting the story with universal truths. The King of Clubs, for example, illustrates the rich heritage of magic, the Queen of Diamonds grieves as the diamond ring is outside of her grasp, and the Jack of Hearts penning his notes in blood.

The custom card backs reflect the radiant light with angle changes, which adds more magical color to the deck. Stunning! The deck is kept secure in a luxurious tuck box made with high-quality material in an innovative structure. The surface of the tuck box comes with beautiful silver foil stamping, giving it an elegant look with a touch of mystery and intrigue.

[Update] The Blackstone Magic Bar Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Printed by Legends Playing Cards Co. and limited to 750 sets. On Kickstarter, 3rd January 2019, 11am EST. We expect these decks to go fast! Don't miss out!

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