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First Look at Tulip Playing Card by the Dutch Card House Company

[Update] Tulip playing cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

The team from the Dutch Card House Company will be back on Kickstarter with a brand new design- Tulip Playing Cards. A tribute to the beautiful Dutch Tulips and the famous Delft Blue pottery, two luxury decks are on offer- the light blue and dark blue edition.

Both of these decks complement each other perfectly. The Tulip decks feature custom Aces, gorgeous card backs and standard court cards enhanced to fit the overall theme of the deck.

Also, the updated font used for the indices were inspired by an old Dutch writing style.

The deck contains 4 jokers and is designed with the famous Dutch historical architecture in mind, but yet totally in line with the Delft Blue color scheme. The jokers showcase the artwork of the Amsterdam canal houses and the renowned Dutch mills.

The deck is kept secure in a luxurious tuck box with a matte finish and embossed. An exclusive limited Collectors Box, made to enclose the two Tulip decks, will be on offer during the Kickstarter campaign. The collector box set includes a certificate of authenticity. This certificate is numbered, signed by the designer and has a hologram authenticity stamp. Only 500 available!

Like all previous decks by the Dutch Card House Company, Tulip playing cards will be printed on the Crushed, traditionally cut, Bicycle grade stock by the USPCC.

[Update] Tulip playing cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to go live on Thursday 14th, with great 48 hours deals!

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