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Social Media Roundup: Virts SS16, Cherry Casino Green, Jetsetter Green, Smoke & Mirrors and More!

Social network such as Twitter and Instagram provides a platform for breaking news and instant reactions. Cardists, Magicians and Card aficionados are often rarely passed up an opportunity to show off their card skills. Social networks are fast-moving and there are a good amount of posts that don't get the recognition they deserve.

To change that, we've picked the best Tweets and Instagram posts from the past week with the hashtag #kardify. To see the ALL hashtagged images, click here!

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DECK REVIEW- Don’t Kill The Messenger by @playingcardnomads . . . Dedicated to the Khwarezmian Empire Conquest by Genghis Khan due to killing his messengers. Nomads Playing Cards marks the 800th anniversary of the start of the empire. . Printed by NPCC on high quality 310GSM German card stock with a premium linen finish. Gold foil on the tuck with metallic gold ink on the back design, it makes for a beautiful combination of style and class. Each court card has been hand drawn representing significant historical figures from the Mongolian Empire. The deck also includes 2 Jokers, and 2 cards with info about the historical period. . . Fully customized yet easily recognizable pips and indexes make the cards great for game play, magic, and cardistry. Limited print run of just 800 decks which are numbered on the tuck seal. At time of reviewing, some decks are still available through @playingcardnomads . . . The cards have a great handling to them and feel similar to a crushed Bicycle stock. This makes for great springs, fans, flourishes and cuts. . . I give this deck a solid 5/5 and highly recommend picking one up before they’re gone. . . . . #playingcards #playingcardcollection #playingcardcollector #cardmagic #cardistry #cardistrylife #deckreview #cardist #cardistrycon #useyourcards #playingcard #playingcardart #kardify @kardify #dontkillthemessenger #playingcardphotography #playingcardphotographer #forestofspadesphoto
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Social Media Roundup: Virts SS16, Cherry Casino Green, Jetsetter Green, Smoke & Mirrors and More! Reviewed by Ivan on 3/23/2019 Rating: 5

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