Cardistry: Soundboard (Red Edition) Playing Cards by Patrick Varnavas

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Cardistry: Soundboard (Red Edition) Playing Cards by Patrick Varnavas

Patrick Varnavas released the First Edition Soundboards Playing Cards in 2015. That first edition sports a blue colorway and shortly after a red version was teased but never eventuated. After 4 years, our friends at Riffle Shuffle have collaborated with Patrick Varnavas to bring the Red Soundboards to live!

The Soundboards deck was created to celebrate vintage audio gear like 80s cassette players and gramophones. The back design incorporates major pieces of audio equipment from different eras into one harmonious setup. The design is detailed and easy to stare, finding a balance between simplicity and complexity.

The deck’s traditionally reversible and intricate back design, illustrated by Stuart Palm, has held up over the years and has been left largely unchanged in this red edition with the exception of a few small details.

Every detail from the original Soundboard’s memorable tuck box has been faithfully recreated in this new red edition featuring added structural improvements to enhance the box’s functionality.

Fans of the original deck will feel the nostalgia immediately and the deck’s ties to vintage audio gear will get everybody else feeling the nostalgia too.

This time the Red Soundboards will be printed by the USPCC on their Crushed Premium stock. Limited Edition of 2500 Decks. Also, if you purchase 12 decks, a Special Edition (1 of 200)  Soundboard decks signed by Patrick Varnavas will be included. Private Launch for the next 48 Hours 🎧 UP TO 30% OFF at

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