On Kickstarter Today, Juice Joint Playing Cards!

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On Kickstarter Today, Juice Joint Playing Cards!

[Update] Juice Joint Playing Catds are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Best accommodations, world-class entertainment, and the highest gambling limits in town! The Juice Joint is a fictional casino that opened in 1958 and well-known for its world-class offerings. While it was initially known as the darling of the strip, by the late 1960’s, profits were in decline and the casino had been taken over by organized crime figures. In an effort to turn the declining profits around, the managers began hiring card and dice mechanics. By 1971, the best mechanics in town were employed at the Juice Joint. In the end, the house always won.

From Doc's Playing Cards, Juice Joint playing card pays homage to a rare 1970’s version of a deck of Silver Nugget playing cards. This deck was originally printed on the same stock and with the same finish as the famous Jerry’s Nugget deck of the 1970’s. However, unlike Jerry’s Nugget, the Silver Nugget decks were never sold in gift shops and are very rarely found unopened.

The Jucy Joint deck features a custom tuck, mirrored card backs, and Ace of Spades. Since this is a casino-inspired deck, the pips, indices, and courts are pretty much standard. Fans of vintage casino decks will not be disappointed!

Similar to these decks from the 1970’s, the Juice Joint deck will be printed to the highest standards of its time – premium stock, crushed and traditionally cut for the modern card mechanic, magician, and gambling demonstrator.

[Update] Juice Joint Playing Catds are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

The deck will be on Kickstarter today (6th August).

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