Social Media Roundup: Provision, Kalevala, Delirium, White Mint and More!

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Social Media Roundup: Provision, Kalevala, Delirium, White Mint and More!

Social network such as Twitter and Instagram provides a platform for breaking news and instant reactions. Cardists, Magicians and Card aficionados are often rarely passed up an opportunity to show off their card skills. Social networks are fast-moving and there are a good amount of posts that don't get the recognition they deserve.

To change that, we've picked the best Tweets and Instagram posts from the past week with the hashtag #kardify. To see the ALL hashtagged images, click here!

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【Part II: Deck Review】 Kalevala Playing Cards LTD Edition (1 of 480) Designed by Sunish Chabba & @isntri Produced by @guruplayingcards Printed by @wjpc_official with linen magic finish Features of Cards: ① One-way front/back design due to weathering pattern ② Dusty gold gilding ③ Beige for backs, eggshell white for front ④ Fully custom Nordic fonts, pips, courts (characters from epic) ⑤ Repeating weathering pattern ⑥ Extras: 2 unidentical jokers, 1 court description card, 1 double backer This is the second gilded deck that I've handled, and the dusty gold on this deck is one of its kind, matching the archaic theme of the deck perfectly. Besides, the gilding takes nothing away from the perfect fans this deck could do. The Kalevala poem begins with the traditional Finnish creation myth, leading into stories of the creation of the earth, plants, creatures, and the sky. Creation, healing, combat and internal storytelling are often accomplished by the character's singing of their exploits or desires. On the court cards, we see the characters depicted through sophisticated hand-drawings, and their names are given in the description card. However, the unnamed eagle/owl of the back design seems to signify the importance of the bird in Finnish mythologies. Birds bring the human's soul to the body at the moment of birth and takes it away at the moment of death. In some areas, it was necessary to have a wooden bird-figure nearby to prevent the soul from escaping during sleep. Whether this is the intention of the designer or not, it's a very fitting motif. Louhi as the Joker is also a transfigurative half-bird half-human creature. The deck is not only gorgeous in its weathered and hand-drawn art style, but the details of the number cards are also superb. The curvy and enlarged pips that stretch all the way to the edges give the cards a grand feeling. The fonts, however, retain that Nordic font that shows the deck's origins right away. Nonetheless, given all the praise that it deserves, the weathering design is a missed opportunity when every card has the same pattern. Still, the deck is faithful to its roots, a wonder to behold!
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Hey, Everyone! Seems like everything is back to normal, so I am back to posting! Hope you enjoy! . The Delirium Playing Card Series (RE-VISITED), designed by Giovanni Meroni of Thirdway Industries (@thirdway_industries) and printed by the Expert Playing Card Co (@expertpcc) and the United States Playing Card Company (@officialbicyclecards) in a Carat X5 Five Deck Case. . Originally launched in 2014 Kickstarter, Delirium was meant to be a 3 deck series, but there was only enough funds to print the first deck, Prism. Delirium is about the story of a king who goes crazy and his kingdom, Delirium Realm, splits into four factions or houses, which are at war with each other. Delirium Prism, the 2015 United Cardists deck, is a fully custom deck where the courts, AoS and Jokers have a classic vibe, but with crazy characters and expressions. The tuck box is made with prismatic stock that radiates a rainbow of color when it catches the light. A Signature deck, limited to 60, was also released in a special embossed tuck with with the KoS inside a resin bubble that protrudes out from the box. . The two other decks from the ’14 KS, Insomnia and Ascension, ended up being left on Gio’s drafting board until 2017, when he completely changed the backs and color schemes of the decks. In early 2018, he launched a successful KS to produce both decks as well as a third, Absolute. . Delirium Insomnia has the characters from Prism living in a dark realm where they can’t sleep and thus all have angry expressions. Insomnia has a violet/yellow color scheme with the tuck box being yellow with violet and the card backs violet with yellow. The front of the tuck is a modified version of the Prism tuck front while the back has an image of the new card backs, a mirrored image of Alexandra, the Supreme Goddess, flanked on each side by the QoD. .
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