Deck View: NPCCD (2018 Edition) Playing Cards

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Deck View: NPCCD (2018 Edition) Playing Cards

In anticipation of the National Playing Card Collection Day (NPCCD) this month, we thought it be awesome to feature the 2018 Official NPCCD Deck designed by Alex Chin of Seasons Playing Cards The theme of the deck series is about perspective and what we see. The deck is fully custom and meticulously designed.

The back design features a mobius strip that reveals a sphere of 2 heads. Inside the head of one person is the exterior head of another represented by different colors. Small suit symbols hide in them and are revealed to show what they are thinking about which change based on which “reality box” you use. The Aces is meant to blend the lines where the box stops and the cards begin. It shows through the front facing window. The red filter tuck show the King.

The beautiful tuck box features gold intaglio engraving onto astral pearl stock that exudes a feeling of luxury. The tuck box contains 2 large die-cut windows featurin a red “worldview” that shows the deck inside. The tuck flap is a side loading custom die that is shaped like the famous ribbon face. It is part of the innovative “kinetic diecut window” Alex designed which allows the diecut to change shape through layering. The opened window shows more information on the cards. When closed it completes the illusion of a pawn chess piece between the faces.

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