Final Week! Modern Idols Playing Cards on Kickstarter

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Final Week! Modern Idols Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Modern Idols is a brand new series of playing cards by Thirdway Industries, based on the beliefs of the modern age. Designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni. The deck is currently funding on Kickstarter and is already 207% with a week to go. According to Giovanni,\
Idols are freely inspired by a TV Series about American Gods - The story is about the new Idols that replaced the Old Gods. 

Modern Idols series was initially planned as a simple project for Giovanni's Patreon, but the project grew on and in the end, he decided to make more decks and fund it with Kickstarter. Modern Idols decks incorporate Giovanni's recognizable artwork, vibrant color palettes with a new mythology.

There are 4 editions in the Modern Idols Series. Two unlimited editions, Hope and Fear; and two limited editions, Extreme Fear and Endless Hope.

Inside, the artwork is fully custom. The courts of Hope and Fear Edition are completely different. The card backs feature the same design with different color schemes. The Hope Edition uses a lot of Pure Silver Metallic ink combined with Neon inks; while Fear is focused on Neon colors only. Giovanni continued,
In terms of technology, Modern Idols will be one of my craziest decks. The faces uses 5 different colors: 3 neon inks that go fluorescent under blacklight, the awesome "pure silver" I have already used on Monolith and 1 solid dark color for contrast. Also, Idols is my first deck that uses a different color for each suit.

For the limited editions, Extreme Fear and Endless Hope contain the same cards as their unlimited counterparts but also include a limited, experimental tuck box made with NEW high-end paper combined with silver, gold, and copper holographic foil.

These editions are made primarily for Kickstarter backers and will be difficult to obtain after the campaign. Less than 1500 of each will be made, and both editions will be sealed and numbered.

Printed by the USPCC and pledge starts at €14 on Kickstarter.

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