CPU Playing Cards. Final 4 Days on Kickstarter!

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CPU Playing Cards. Final 4 Days on Kickstarter!

Currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, CPU playing cards is a modern take on classic casino back design. The deck conceptualized by ESSE Playing Card Company, a collaboration between Dylanesse design studio and two Italian playing card manufacturers.

The design process took more than two years, the main goal was to give the deck a complex and modern look with a light grey on black colorway, similar to modern motherboards. According to the Kickstarter project page,
We wanted to create a classic casino deck but with modern feel, for this reason we chose the technology theme, computers to be specific. On the back has been designed a symmetrical motherboard, on which it's possible to recognize many components like the Central Processor Unit (CPU), intricate circuits, USB, parallel port, RAM slots, parallel ATA, PCI slot and the SSD expansion.

Vintage casino decks are usually borderless with casino's mirrored logo on top/bottom. To recreate this look we placed the CPU in the center with multiple circuits branch out and with all the other components form a background pattern. Each pip, suit and court card in the CPU playing cards has been completely redesigned. The Vintage Arrco faces have been given a modern and fresh new look.

The CPU deck has been created with magicians in mind. The intricate design of the card backs hides multiple marking systems and the edges to let you perform impossible magic effects. You can easily identify any card from the back and without spreading the deck, without looking at the back and faces you will know the position of each card and any missing card even if the deck is shuffled... just imagine the possibilities.

Printed on the highest quality crushed 310gsm card stock with premium Air Cushion "superior " finish by ESSE Playing Card Co. Pledge starts at €13 on Kickstarter.

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