Sponsored Post: Bicycle PIXEL V2 Playing Cards

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Sponsored Post: Bicycle PIXEL V2 Playing Cards

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of Nintendo's first handheld console, the Game Boy. TCC Playing Cards has released the PIXEL V2 Playing Cards Collector Set to celebrate the occasion.

Like the PIXEL V1, PIXEL V2 applied the same design concept to the collector box set that looks like the popular handheld console from the 90s. The graphical style has quite a bit of charm. According to the product description,
On the screen part, we used raster design. When the raster is turned up and down, the angle between the eyes and the raster will change. Break the boundary between dynamic and static, showing the hidden animation effect. With the help of a raster plate, kitty, puppy and PIXEL images are superimposed on the screen area at the same time, showing a succession of images, cool and visual.

Pixel art is used throughout to great effect. Also, the retro design elements and the color scheme mimic the popular console. These include the black-and-white theme, a yellow palette, a brown tone, and full-color reminiscent of the Game Boy Color.

Despite its 8-bit mimicry, both decks are beautifully detailed. The court cards on each deck have been redesigned with each suit featuring the dog and cat- from the Siberian Husky, Labrador, and Beagle

 to Tabby cat, Calico cat, and British Shorthair Cat
... all done in pixel art!

Printed by USPCC and available now on Kickstarter for $10. Avid retro gamers will greatly appreciate the artwork used here. Each deck is limited to 1000. Only 700 gift box will be made available

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