Social Media Roundup: Paisley, NPCCD19, Bicycle Red Castle, Messymod and More!

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Social Media Roundup: Paisley, NPCCD19, Bicycle Red Castle, Messymod and More!

Social network such as Twitter and Instagram provides a platform for breaking news and instant reactions. Cardists, Magicians and Card aficionados are often rarely passed up an opportunity to show off their card skills. Social networks are fast-moving and there are a good amount of posts that don't get the recognition they deserve.

To change that, we've picked the best Tweets and Instagram posts from the past week with the hashtag #kardify. To see the ALL hashtagged images, click here!

Deck Images

【Part I: Tuck Review】 NPCCD 2019 Palace: Spade Gate STD (#35 of 499) Designed by Alexander Chin in Morocco Produced by @seasonsplayingcards Printed by @makeplayingcards on linen air cushion finish Features of Tuck: ① Double tuck ② Gold foil embossing with Moroccan pattern ③ Custom numbered seal ④ White (external) and green (internal) matte paper ⑤ Die-cut opening on the back Many people have gone crazy over this series a few weeks earlier for the National Playing Card Collection Day 2019 release, and many will never open them. So let me do you a favor and showcase them! I'll leave out the cultural significance since you may find it on the NPCCD website. The Spade Gate is one of the standard decks in the series with no raised embossing on the cards. The double tuck is held in place by the numbered seal on the top. Pealing off the seal reveals the hidden Seasons emblem, both on the front and the back. The gold foil embossing gives away the luxurious accents for the spectacle and the touch. The die-cut on the back reveals the locked gate of the Moroccan architecture, which is fully showcased on the inner green tuck with intricate line works. The texture reminds of Indian women's clothing embroidered silk. However, the flaws of the tuck design are also evident. To begin with, due to its custom nature, MPC cellophaned the deck without any tear strip, forcing one to use a knife to carefully cut out one end (remember to preserve the cellophane). The double tuck is unique, but the numbered seal is located exactly where they slide apart, also forcing one to remove the seal with extreme care. Once opened, the seal cannot be stuck firmly back again and an alternative location to stick it on with some glue is necessary. Since the tuck is now without the seal to hold them in place, the cellophane could be used to slide the deck back in, top first, to prevent the inner tuck sliding out easily. This is certainly a series that requires think hard how to preserve it without the inner side dropping out. Nonetheless, the series was always meant as a collector's piece, and the flaws are very much forgiven for the excessive customization effort put into their designs.
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