5 Things You Should Know About Latin Quarter Playing Cards

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5 Things You Should Know About Latin Quarter Playing Cards

The Latin Quarter Playing Cards is a beautiful deck currently funding on Kickstarter. This project represents a collaborative effort between designer Jamie Stark (Instagram: @starkdesignsllc) and Mike McClure of Doc’s Play Card Company (Instagram: @docsplayingcardco). The intricate design combined with filigree embellishments and gold metallic inks on the cards makes this deck as stunning as they are elegant. Vintage in style with a hint of modern.

Here are 5 things you should know about The Latin Quarter Playing Cards:

1. Underground Casino
The Latin Quarter is an interpretation of playing cards that might have been used at the famous underground casino, The Latin Quarter, in Lexington, Kentucky, many years ago. The deeply intricate tuck design pays homage to historic styles. The tuck is emblazoned with the Latin phrase “ALEA IACTA EST” which translates as “The die is cast.” This phrase was chosen because of it’s relevance to gamblers and game players of all stripes and is also a subtle nod to the magicians and cardists and their uncanny abilities to control outcomes.

2. Court Card Design
Because they would have been used by a casino, mostly traditional court designs were chosen with a few twists including filigree embellishments and gold metallic inks. Gamblers, magicians, cardists, and collectors of all stripes can appreciate this fine creation.

3. The Tuck Design
The tuck design draws its inspiration from the historic context of the name "The Latin Quarter" which was the home of the large university in medieval Paris. It was called the "Latin Quarter" because the Latin language was spoken by the scholars and students who resided there. The typography of the name is a blackletter style font which is what would have been used by scribes creating illuminated manuscripts in that Latin Quarter.

4. Letterpressed
The tuck case is printed by the industry-renowned Clove Street Press, utilized by some of the finest card producing companies working today. It features 2 bright and unique foil colors and is printed on the highest quality smooth-touch paper available.

5. This project is not limited to cards
Matching gaming chips and dice are being offered as well. The dice are real razor-edged casino dice gold stamped with the Latin Quarter Branding. The chips are 10-gram ceramic chips available as Latin Quarter branded chips or as unbranded for board game use. These casino-quality chips will last a lifetime. You can also get a wooden chip box. The box holds 500 chips, is made in the USA of solid American hardwoods, and is laser engraved with the Latin Quarter logo. This thing is a real-deal treasure chest. Ready to have a full casino night at your home? This is the set for you.

The deck is printed by United States Playing Card Company on premium crushed stock with an embossed finish. Traditionally cut for smooth faro shuffle these cards feature 2-way back design printed with metallic gold ink. These cards will also be made available in limited numbers with red or gold gilding and custom metallic numbered seals. Pledge starts at $14 on Kickstarter!

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