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The 5th and Final Edition Joker and the Thief Playing Cards

The 5th and final edition of Joker and the Thief's popular, OG Joker and the Thief design is now funding on Kickstarter. Also, the New Year will be defining for Joker and the Thief as a brand. May 2020 marks 5 years of producing playing cards. According to founder James Milaras,
It seemed fitting to release a limited edition deck of playing cards to commemorate our 5th birthday. The idea behind this December release is simple, we want this deck to be on the market by our birthday, not being Kickstarted on it.

The Green Edition is a unique follow-up to the original Joker and the Thief deck released back in 2015. The card back design is not only intricately but one that both appealed aesthetically and sentimentally. It had to be thought-provoking: allowing for a unique story and symbolism to be evoked; metaphors of life and mortality, thievery, lies, deceit, power, mysticism, struggle, and love.

The themes and connotations from back design continue throughout the deck. The Ace of Spades is unique, bold and iconic of this design. The court cards are all fully custom meticulously illustrated with beautiful details.

The tuck is peppered with lavish touches, and adorned with hot-stamped copper foil, on a matte finished paper. It is embossed on all sides o raise elements of the design and has a foil stamped interior, further accentuating the luxury feel this deck will exude.

Available NOW on Kickstarter. Pledge starts at $16.

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