Card Radar: SINIS Playing Cards

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Card Radar: SINIS Playing Cards

How do you give a traditional deck of playing cards an unexpected modern twist? That was the challenge undertaken by the team at Cardinates. With modern base-line art reflected throughout the deck, every detail of SINIS Playing Cards was considered to create an original and authentic artistic expression.

Add trendy colors, square block courts, and explicit typographs on the aces. Together, the unique deck combines familiarity with a contemporary design.

On the card backs, the word SINIS is a palindrome- readable front-to-back and back-to-front, maintaining the balance and symmetry of the design.

The court cards are custom with a one-way design, enclosed in a square block with the name printed within.

SINIS are available in Turquoise/Black or Raspberry/Black colorway. The two-tone contrasting colorway makes this deck attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Definitely suitable for any occasion- poker nights, magic routines or even card flourishes.

Printed by the United States Playing Card Co. on Bee Stock.

Available now from your favorite Murphy's Magic retailers.

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