Cardistry: Horizon Playing Cards by ITS Team

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Cardistry: Horizon Playing Cards by ITS Team

Horizon is the 17th playing cards by ITS Team and the first project on Kickstarter with help by Deckidea. ITS Team is a design company based in South Korea, Seoul. Since 2015, they have launched 17 unique decks of playing cards, with over 23,000 decks sold around the world.

Horizon is the first deck in the Indecx series. The key design element of the series is to connect between Typography and image. As such, the tuck box depicts a magazine layout design to reflect the design elements of the Indecx series.

Inside, the card backs are fully customized with 54 different backs. The backs are divided into two parts with the oil bubble and black space. The diversity and contrasting backs allow for a more visual and dynamic card flourishes.

The face cards are full of unique and fun ideas. According to Jungmin Ha, CEO of ITS Team,
Goal of indecx series is to make every card as a piece of artwork. Customizing whole cards one by one need lots of effort and idea. It took over 8 months to finish the design.

The basic design on the faces includes four elements. Box, Text, Image, and Suit. For example, Spades and Clubs make up a large proportion of boxes and text, while Diamonds and Hearts make up a large proportion of Text and Image. Also, shorten words and oil waves on suits make great visuals. These abstract typographic/art design elements seem to be a trend in new cardistry decks.

Horizon is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter and has just hit its funding goal with 12 days remaining. Pledge starts at $12. Backers who pledge a deck or more will get a PET card called 'myhorizoncard'. The special card has etching finish on the border that makes a magical shadow.

Printed by USPCC, on Crushed stock, limited of 1,000.

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