Kickstarter For SlowHands Playing Cards Nears Funding Goal

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Kickstarter For SlowHands Playing Cards Nears Funding Goal

SlowHands Playing Cards was conceptualized in 2015 by Kier Gomes. The idea is to create a deck that represents the origin of many young magicians and the sense of wonder that far exceeds one's skill when first getting into card magic. Kier collaborated with Nick Nisco of Elemental Playing Cards after he shared the concept of SlowHands with Nick and the two decided to work together on making it a reality in hopes of reminding the community of the roots they've established and passions shared.

Kier and Nick used the Bicycle Rider Backs as their inspiration and wanted to pay homage to the iconic back design, while still incorporating a fresh take on the classic deck. As such the red card backs of Slow Hands features a familiar aesthetic, but with updated, modernized and whimsical elements.

The SlowHands logo is a snail shell with a hand forming the body and a peace-sign making the eyes of the snail. This is not only a literal translation to the name SlowHands but also a fun and more playful approach to the theme of the deck. The scrollwork on the deck was drawn by Nick using inspiration from rider backs. There is also a subtle tweak to make the deck one way to help beginner magicians establish some very simple, yet deceptive card routines!

The face cards feature custom Ace of Spades, Jokers and updated standard court cards. The jokers are designed to have a few nods to the theme of the deck. Rather than a King on a bicycle, a snail is enjoying a nice ride on a tricycle. This is meant to represent the idea of "training wheels" and slow movement required to develop the muscle memory and dexterity it takes to be an expert sleight-of-hand artist.

With the courts, there have been some slight modifications to the cards. The blue that is typically used on the court cards has been replaced by black, and both Kier and Nick's faces can be seen on two of the courts. Kier's face can be seen on the King of Clubs, and Nick's face can be seen on the King of Hearts.

The deck is packaged in a minimal tuck box, a juxtaposition to the detailed work of the card back design. The crimson color with white trim provides an eye-catching contrast — and looks great for working magicians so they may have a unique, but unsuspecting, deck of cards.

SlowHands will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company on Premium Stock and traditionally cut.

Available NOW on Kickstarter and pledge starts at $12 for a single deck. Also, every 6 SlowHands decks will come in a half-brick box at no extra charge.


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