The Legend Continues With The New Vintage Chicken Nugget

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The Legend Continues With The New Vintage Chicken Nugget

Hanson Chien is back with another rendition of the legendary Jerry's Nugget playing cards. Hanson and his team recreated a deck of cards that resembles the little-known rare Vintage Jerry's Nugget as closely as possible.

According to Hanson,
Years ago, I acquired the Vintage Jerry's Nugget produced by the renowned playing cards company ARRCO - from collectors River and Aiji. I was skeptical at first, so I contacted Lee Asher, Jerry's Nugget expert, to conduct joint research. After detailed research, we concluded that in terms of its art and design details, this deck is identical to the chips and merchandise for Jerry's Nugget Casino when it opened in 1964, meaning that this is a genuine deck!

To perfectly replicate the design and quality of the Vintage Jerry's Nugget, Hanson spent 3 years developing a lighter and thinner paper stock. Also, optimize the coating formula for the deck to rectify the problem of fading on the first-generation red Chicken Nugget Playing Cards. In addition, he researched the design style of the 1964 deck to remaster every detail of the Vintage Jerry's Nugget.

The Chicken Nugget is a hilarious homage to the classic deck. From the 1964 ARRCO Ace of Spades and Joker to the tax stamp and red security tear-strip, Vintage Chicken Nugget Playing Cards is as close match to the original as you can get. Like the previous Chicken Nugget release, the court cards feature a collection of junk-food-junkies devouring fast foods!

Two colorways are on offer- the classic blue and green color schemes, which closely matches the Vintage Jerry's Nugget. What surprises me the most is the handling of the deck. Feels and handles INCREDIBLE. The samples we received are snappy, light, and thin. Definitely a cool deck for cardistry!

Printed by Hanson Chien Production Company on a brand-new paper stock called "Vintage Stock" with "legendary finish" resulting in a glossy surface with the right stickiness for smooth fanning without falling apart.

Available NOW for pre-order on for $15 for a single deck.

The Legend Continues With The New Vintage Chicken Nugget Reviewed by Ivan on 3/16/2020 Rating: 5

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