Celebrating Beauty, Art and the City of Florence with Florentia Playing Cards

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Celebrating Beauty, Art and the City of Florence with Florentia Playing Cards

Florentia Playing Cards is a gorgeous deck designed by Elettra Deganello and produced by Passione Playing Cards, currently funding on Kickstarter. The custom deck celebrates the birthplace of the Renaissance- Florence.

Florentia Playing Cards has two main “souls”: Florentia Antica ("antica" means 'ancient' in Italian) and Florentia Nova ("nova" translates to 'new'). Antica and Nova represent two different visions on the same concept: to overwhelm collectors and playing cards lovers with a notable abundance of breathtaking art, history, and beauty... just like the city of Florence does with its visitors. Elettra explains,
Florentia Antica represents a classic and balanced vision of beauty, in which architecture and rationality play a predominant role.

The main element of the back design is the stylized rose window of Florence Cathedral, S.M. Del Fiore. Tangled decorations balance the rationality of the geometric shapes and stylized architectural elements complete the composition. Elettra continued,
Florentia Nova instead was born as a free and dynamic artistic expression, without constraints or fear of the contrasts between ancient (or classical) and modern.
The back design combines a clean geometric basis with dynamic elements. Its beating heart is the coat of arms of the Medici family, which is supported by two cherubs and surrounded both by a dancing ribbon and laurel leaves frame.

The court cards of Florentia Antica and Florentia Nova are all different... and definitely full of surprises. The courts represent some of the most iconic sculptures and monuments that one will remember after visiting the Italian city. The artwork inspired by sculptures are gorgeous and incredibly detailed.

The Jokers of Florentia Antica are Giotto, one of the most famous Italian painters and architects and the "Marzocco", the heraldic lion and symbol of the city of Florence.

The deck is kept secure in a beautiful tuck box. Florentia Antica features purple foil on the box with gold metallic ink touches inside. While Florentia Nova showcases a beautiful holographic foil on the tuck with yellow neon ink within.

It has become a tradition for Passione Playing Cards to produce a luxury double-deck tuck case, shaped like a book, which is a work of art on its own. Florentia Aeterna will hold both Florentia Antica and Florentia Nova cards together in a limited, hand-numbered edition. Florentia Aeterna will be printed on cotton paper with gold foil and hot impression. The limited-edition tuck box will be hand-made in Italy by letterpress experts.

Pledge starts at $16 for a single deck on Kickstarter. Printed by WJPC or USPCC according to stretch-goals progression.

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