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5 Things You Did Not Know About Dark Kingdom Playing Cards

Inspired by old engravings and fairy tales about mysterious magic castles with dragons and strange creatures that inhabit them, designer E.Zhade (Instagram: @zhade_evgenia) together with 52 Wonders have created Dark Kingdom Playing Cards. Currently funding on Kickstarter, the dark design alludes to mystery and power with a fascinating backstory. According to the campaign page,
Legend foretells of a foolish king who lost his kingdom to a cunning and evil wizard who was fond of the night and plunged the kingdom into darkness. The people began to spread rumors about this kingdom and other royals wanted to see it for themselves. The magic of the night attracted curious travelers from all ends of the Earth, but once they had seen the magic and beauty of the kingdom they found themselves unable to leave. The mysterious nature of the darkness and the shining stars captivated those who saw it… and they stayed there forever.
Fully custom, the deck features intricate card backs, beautifully illustrated court cards, and a unique Ace of Spades. All face cards have been framed with an ornate border. Here are 5 things you did not know about Dark Kingdom Playing Cards:

1. Number Cards
The design of the number cards is inspired by the 1937 Russian deck "Paleh", which was created by the artist Bazhenov specifically for the world exhibition in Paris. This deck occupies an honorable place in the history of playing cards. Each card is enclosed in a beautiful frame

2. Ace of Clubs 
Gorynych - personifies evil in folk tales and wreaths of Slavs. In different legends, the description of the dragon changes within tales, which is why it is difficult to make an accurate portrait of this character. Generally, the Gorynych is portrayed as a speaking dragon-like creature, with three heads, with a tail and copper claws, which can breathe fire, while releasing smoke from its ears.

3. Jack of Hearts & Queen of Hearts
These are paired cards in the deck, each bares the word “enchanted” on their ribbons, linking them together and symbolizing the love and affection between the two.

4. The Process
Every card was meticulously hand-drawn. The whole process took an exceptionally long time. Each character has its own character and personifies with the word written on their ribbons.

5. Dark Kingdom Custom Guitar
Jim Longley (TC Custom Design) teamed up with Zhade Art to create a guitar design for a beautiful electric guitar. The images were based on the design elements of the back, tuck, suits, and jokers.

Dark Kingdom Playing Card will be printed by Cartamundi on True Linen B9 Slimline paper stock. Available now on Kickstarter and pledge starts at $20 for a single deck.

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