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Limited Edition Card College Playing Cards

These look incredible! Card College Limited Edition Playing Cards on Kickstarter (1st August 11am) is a STUNNING deck based on Robert Giobbi's Card College, one of the greatest magic books as well as the most popular and systematic card magic course in the world of card magic.

Over a year in the making, the deck is a collaborative effort between Ark Playing cards (Instagram: @arkplayingcard) and TCC Playing Cards.

This exclusive playing card set design reflects the classic, elegance, and legacy of Robert's work. on the design, Danny of Ark playing cards said,
When I know I'm going to create a special edition of the exclusive playing card for such a great work as Card College. I am very excited. And hope to be able to make something different that people have never seen before. I hope that this Playing card can catch people’s eyes and can be a classic like “Card College”.

Besides the quality of the craftsmanship, a lot of thought has gone to the design of the structure of the tuck box. Danny continued,
The structure needs to be ornamental. When you open the card box, you will be shocked by the visual impact of this structure. The entire process from opening the card box has a sense of ceremony.

From the animation, the folding part will rotate 180 degrees and pop out when the front of the box is opened. An elegant surprise that sets this deck apart from what is currently in the market.

All sets contain base 3 colors-: Wine Red/Indigo/Dark Green, low profile yet luxurious. The tuck comes with embossing and copper foiling on the interior and exterior.

Inside, the face cards are standard with the exception of the custom Ace and Jokers. This maintains the classic look of the deck consistent with the Card College. To give it a touch of luxury, metallic ink is used.

The card backs are simplistic with a vintage casino-style mirrored designed featuring the logo of Robert Giobbi within a circular design element. The card backs are printed with metallic ink as well.

Also available during the campaign is the luxurious Walnut Deluxe Box Set (limited to 100) and the Black Gold Box Set (limited to 500).
As an extremely high-end and rare collection, we think the packaging must be luxurious.

Black walnut is a perfect choice for the material of the box set case and the first choice material for many luxury products.  The box is handcrafted with black walnut solid wood and covered with fine patterns made by full-page metal ink printing.

Inside, the drawer box is lined with fine flannelette for better protection of cards and finished with polished copper handle. The box will contain 3 color decks: Wine Red / Indigo / deep green (with Gilded edge) and includes a customized numbered certificate.

Meanwhile, the Black Gold Box Set is created with a paper board to make a creative packaging box.
In the process of design exploration, we are inspired by the auto sunroof of sports cars. The goal we want to achieve is designing an extremely cool structure suitable for the card box. Finally, we made it! The inspiration comes from the auto sunroof of sports cars.

The process of opening the package and taking out the deck is pretty cool and unique. The box set is made of 500 gsm high-end matte black cardboard. The whole mechanical structure is only made by paper, and 6 pieces of paper are assembled by hand.

The surface of the paper box is covered with a full-size foil pattern. Within, the box set contains 3 decks: Wine Red / Indigo / Deep Green. Each deck in the set has a unique limited numbered seal from 001 - 500)

The decks will be printed by USPCC on classic Bicycle stock. Pledge starts at $3.95 for the regular edition playing cards on Kickstarter... extremely good value!


Limited Edition Card College Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 7/31/2020 Rating: 5

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