First Look at TCC's Fluid Art Playing Cards

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First Look at TCC's Fluid Art Playing Cards

[Update] Fluid Art Playing Cards are now on Kickstarter!

Crafted for the Cardists, Flourishers, and Collectors, Fluid Art Playing Cards by TCC Playing Cards embodies the motion, flow, and design which draws inspiration from fluid paintings. Scheduled to release on Kickstarter on 24th September, the deck comes in two color variations, two different editions, a luxury gilded edition, and an elegant collector’s box set... oh there are exclusive backer gifts included as well! 

The deck series is inspired by Fluid Paintings. Pigments flowing freely atop blank canvas, fusing familiar colors with uncharted excitement. The brilliant color pigments, without the confines of lines, bring forth a new experience which is the Fluid Art Playing Cards. This everchanging and dream-like creative technique produces an abstract art that is unique like no other. 

The Fluid Art Playing Cards begins from the Blue Fluid painting and extends from there. There are three editions- Standard edition, Cardistry edition, and Luxury gilded edition (only available with the collector's box set). 

The Standard Edition features standard card faces and retains the standard Ace through King design. The eye-catching and visually striking combo of orange and blue complementary colors permeates every facet of the playing cards. With crisp narrow white borders and simple fresh design, the Standard edition can be defined as Art. 

The Cardistry edition shares the same vibe and color scheme as the standard edition but features different tuck, back design, and card faces. The Cardistry edition does not have pips on the face cards, instead, it is replaced by a unified pattern. 

The vortex-shaped spiraling center coupled with the two-toned corners creates a beautiful belt pattern when the cards are fanned, and elevates the coolness factor to its fullest. The Fluid Art Playing Cards Cardistry edition can be described as Trendy. 

The Luxury Edition is a Kickstarter exclusive on available as part of the Collector’s box set. Luxurious craftsmanship and limited availability add to the attractiveness of the deck. The Luxury edition adopts the standard playing card faces, with numbers and suits, catered toward the collector niche. 

The back design of the Fluid Art Playing Cards Luxury edition was designed in a more advanced style, with all new vein lines, colors, and details. Giving it an elegant and noble vibe. 

The Fluid Art Playing Cards are printed in Taiwan, using Fluid Art Playing Cards exclusive paper stock, aptly named, Fluid stock. It is the combination of imported German black core paper stock + Fluid Stock finish, culminating in an ultra-thin feel, and smooth experience. Perfect for cardistry.

[Update] Fluid Art Playing Cards are now on Kickstarter!

Pledge starts at $8 on Kickstarter from 24th September.

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