Less Than 3 Days! Devil's In The Detail Playing Cards

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Less Than 3 Days! Devil's In The Detail Playing Cards

Another INCREDIBLE deck produced by Riffle Shuffle, this time designed by Srdjan Vidakovic. Devil's In The Detail - Hidden Detail Playing Cards is a unique deck with intricate design and hidden details on the mesmerizing artwork. According to the Kickstarter campaign page,
They are playing cards that utilize its artworks to hide a secret message or symbols in plain sight, it takes a unique perspective to reveal the hidden details.

Fully custom, the Devil’s in the Details comes in three luxurious versions, the Glamorous Gold, Sinful Silver, and Rose Gold Edition. All 3 editions come with gold and silver metallic ink on the card backs and faces. 

The card backs feature a two-headed serpent protecting the devil’s trident. You will notice the artwork is incredibly intricate, starting from the individual scales of the snake’s skin, through the numerous decorative elements of ancient scrolls, castle windows, and ornate frescos, all the way to the muscles of the horned devils holding heavy tridents. 

The court cards feature lovely portraits of royalty, dressed in lavish outfits made out of the most luxurious textiles in red, gold, or silver finishes. 

Each of the characters has a different facial expression and is holding unique objects. While the men are usually holding weapons, the women hold flowers or royal regalia. The courts have secrets hidden within them for you to discover. 

The Ace of Spades is a true celebration of every symbol of the deck. At first glance, you only see four devils on each corner of the cards, but if you look closely you can find two more devils hiding in plain sight. The black and white illustration is completed by a large spade in the middle, filled in with many decorative elements. 

Depending on the edition, the decks are packaged in a beautiful embossed tuck box with sophisticated white and gold, or silver foil or rose gold foil interwoven into an intricate pattern. 

At the center of it is a decorative oval, holding white letters announcing the deck’s name in elegant letters. Limited to 2666 Decks Each with Custom Foiled Number Seal. 

Cards Printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company with their Luxury Paper Stock. Available now on Kickstarter for $14.


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