Parrot Bicycle Playing Cards by PlayingCardDecks

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Parrot Bicycle Playing Cards by PlayingCardDecks

Produced by PlayingCardDecks, Parrot Bicycle Playing Cards is the third deck by Renee LeCompte and the second deck on Parrots. The Parrot Bicycle deck is the remake of the OG Parrot deck but now showcasing over 200 unique parrot species.

Each card is fully custom and richly illustrated with 1 to 10 parrots on it, corresponding with the card number. The courts are illustrated in the classic style with mirrored faces. This eye-catching deck features full color both front and back!

Nearly every genus from the Psittaciforme order is shown in the cards, which are organized by region.  The Spades show parrots from South America, The Hearts show parrots from Australia. The Clubs feature parrots from Indonesia and the Pacific Islands, and finally, the  Diamonds show parrots from Africa, mainland Asia, and the Philippines.

Two decks are made available during the campaign- Standard and Extinct Edition. The Standard Edition features over 200 parrots in all, ranging from the majestic Black Palm cockatoo and Hyacinth macaw to the world's tiniest parrot, the Buff-faced Pygmy parrot.  

The extinct edition features not only a custom tuck box and back, but also features 12 recently extinct parrots in the court cards. In all, the extinct edition adds 15 unique parrots.

The deck will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company and pledge starts at $10 on Kickstarter.

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