Arrow & Shield Playing Cards Smashes Funding Goal!

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Arrow & Shield Playing Cards Smashes Funding Goal!

Arrow & Shield Playing Cards by Kevin Yu has just reached hit over 687% of its funding goal of $26,000. The eye-catching deck features the same stunning tuck concept of the Trident & Sword set. 

When the luxurious box is spread out, one will notice that each piece is lined by a stunning Foil line, which traces the weapon-shaped cutouts. However, when the tuck box is retracted, the eight parts come together to create a window through which the weapon can be seen, and the Foil lines form a stunning halo, emitting a dazzling light.

Inside, the card backs follow the overall style and color palette of the tuck box. The backs feature a mesmerizing silver and purple metallic ink bringing out the boldness and glory that fits the theme of Athena, representing toughness and bravery in every angle. 

The entire back design seems to look like a shield, adorned with complex mechanical patterns, with the top and the bottom featuring the name of the deck – ‘Shield’ – written in silver letters. 

The face cards are equally eye-catching. Consistent with the overall color palette of the deck, the number cards are also made using a black background with the modernized suit symbol in metallic silver for spades and clubs, and metallic purple for hearts and diamonds. The numbers on the two ends of the cards are printed in a rounded font, contrasting the sharpness of the rest of the design well. 

The courts are represented by legendary heroes from a different historical period, from Athena, to Alexander the Great and Hector from Homer’s epos Iliad. The court cards have been redesigned and transformed into the twelve Olympian Gods. They are presented with exquisite line drawings in purple, with intricate details including fierce weapons and eyes that shine in silver. Each of the cards infuses the god/goddess's name in silver letterings.

The Aces feature a hand-illustrated artwork, symbolizing the goddess Athena. The Ace of Spades – the most prominent of aces shows a wonderfully ornate shield incorporated into the image of a spade. The design is centered around the symbol, while dark grey lines beam out of the center like sun rays.

The Arrow and Shield Set comes with a Deluxe Edition and Classic Edition, each. The design is set on a solemn Black Foil background, with the Shield traced in Purple Foil lines, and Arrow in Red Foil. These stylish deck combines an industrial look with modern technology and elements from myths and legends.

Both decks will be manufactured by the United States Playing Card Co with Bee Casino Stock and Air-Cushion Finish. Get it now on Kickstarter!

Arrow & Shield Playing Cards Smashes Funding Goal! Reviewed by Ivan on 11/02/2020 Rating: 5

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