Jerry Can Playing Cards by Jared Hansen

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Jerry Can Playing Cards by Jared Hansen

Jerry Can Playing Cards is an American themed set of playing cards based around the Jerry Can and WW2 and Allied Forces. Conceptualized and design by Jared Hansen, the deck is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter.

Fully custom the deck is a salute to the Jerry Can and how it helped win the war. The back design features a full bleed Star-Spangled design. By having the stripes on the sides, it will not only fan but spread beautifully.

This deck also comes with custom courts and custom pips and indexes. Jared chose to make each suit one of the four Allied countries of WW2. Spades- USA, Hearts-England, Clubs- Francs and Diamonds-USSR. This gives not only more context to the deck but each card tells a unique story of that time. 

The Ace of Spades represents a vintage U.S. Army look and feel. Bold yet subtle and prominently displays the Jerry Can Crest.

The tuck case is a bold American flag-themed box. It has a Jerry Can Playing Card seal on the front and on the back, some brief information about jerry cans and their role in the war.

Printed by Kings Star (Ace Lion) in China on 300g Black Core Paper with CMYK printing. Available NOW on Kickstarter for $12.

Jerry Can Playing Cards by Jared Hansen Reviewed by Ivan on 11/19/2020 Rating: 5

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