Cardistry: First Look at December Boy's ZDV2 Deck

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Cardistry: First Look at December Boy's ZDV2 Deck

In 2019, the team at December Boys released a game-changing deck that took card visuals to a whole new level. In 2021, the team will be launching their second deck, ZDV2 on Kickstarter on the 1st of January! This time, the new version is heavily inspired by the 80s and vaporwave aesthetic, aimed for a nostalgic yet retro-futuristic look. 

The deck was developed through a contest with over 150 designs submitted from artists across the world. From the prototype we received, the face cards are pretty much standard with the exception of the Aces. 

The courts have been updated to match the retro-theme of the deck with color eye-catching color gradients on the garments and pips. Like the OF deck, the deck comes with 4 green double-backed cards. 

By using a video-editing process called Chroma Keying these additional cards allow for completely unique look of the cards while in motion via post-editing. 

The sideway Tuck Box features the familiar VHS cover popular in the 80's. We are told that the campaign might feature up to 10 additional perks. Don't miss out!

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