Cardistry: WH Classic Blue Playing Cards on Kickstarter

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Cardistry: WH Classic Blue Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Currently funding on Kickstarter, the WH Classic Blue Playing Cards is a minimalist and elegant deck produced by Brazil-based WH Decks. This is the 3rd deck based on the WH series following the WH Deck V1 released in 2018 and the WH Escape Time released in 2019.

The WH decks were crafted for the art of card flourishing and to help develop and support the cardistry community in Brazil. According to the product page,

WH Decks started up in 2013 to fill a gap in the Brazilian market: the complete absence of a store specialized in cardistry. WH Decks today serves cardists and card collectors all over Brazil. We only work with high-quality products because we are committed, ethically and with integrity, to advancing the art of cardistry and to spreading it more and more throughout the country.

The WH Classic Blue combines elegance and simplicity with a modern touch. The face cards are pretty much standard with updated color palette (blue and red) for the pips and indices. The faces of the courts have been updated with the likeness of the WH team and friends.

The bold card backs feature a mirrored WH logo at the center in white with a contrasting blue colorway to make the design stand out. 

The deck will be printed by USPCC and pledge starts at $15 on Kickstarter.

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