FOUR Kings Wild Releases This Week

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FOUR Kings Wild Releases This Week

On yesterday's Kings Wild Project weekly update, Jackson Robinson announced the release of FOUR new decks this week, including the SURPRISE release of our favorite Christmas deck, Deck the Halls. Releases as follow:

1. Kings Wild Threads Fox Joker Shirt and Deck (Available NOW)

The 3rd installation of the Kings Wild Thread shirt and deck series. These limited print decks feature a matching Tally Ho Fox Joker pattern on the back design which can be viewed through the custom shirt shaped die-cut hole on the tuck case. Jackson used his own standard court and pip designs on this simple yet unique deck of playing cards.

2. 20/20 Worst Year Ever Deck (Available NOW)

A very special deck in honor of the year 2020- “2020 WORST YEAR EVER” deck! The white tuck case comes with a custom seal, a Standard Edition 2020 Vision deck from January KW Shorts Subscription, and a custom Kings Wild DS1 case on the outside.

3. Double Eagle (3rd December)

The Double Eagle Commission deck was designed for Double Eagle Development, LLC. in Fort Worth Texas. The Texas company is owned by Cody and John, two of Jacksons Robinson's closest childhood friends from Canyon, Texas. The deck takes heavy inspiration from the Legal Tender Holographic Edition with a few design changes to suit the desires of Cody, John, and the heart of Double Eagle. 

4. Deck the Halls (4th December)

Yass! Deck the Halls Playing Cards are designed to look like a sweater featuring embroidery artwork on the courts, face cards, Ace of Spades, and new gold foil card backs. Definitely a unique deck for the holiday season and will surely put a smile on someone's face.


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