Shuckers Playing Cards, Sold Out!

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Shuckers Playing Cards, Sold Out!

Another cool deck from the creative guys at Organic Playing Cards. Shuckers Playing Cards were released yesterday and like all OPC recent releases, they were quickly sold out! The new deck is inspired by CORN. According to the product page in,

Being from the Midwest USA, this deck was going to happen! If you ever drive through the Midwest USA, you will see corn as far as the eye can see! Along with old Silos that have been on family-owned farms for DECADES! We wanted to bring you that same homegrown feel with SHUCKERS!!! 


The new deck comes with a completely new back concept. instead of the two-way mirrored card back, Shukers are one way, but the kernels on the outside are all 180 degrees! So even when mixed, you will get a consistent image when fanned or spread. 

Like OPC's previous releases, the courts have slight customization and they are recognizable and fun for magic, cardistry, and family game night! 

The deck is printed by USPCC on crushed premium stock. Also, with every 6 decks, a custom half brick box Silo was included. Definitely perfect for storing decks and displaying them on a shelf!


Shuckers Playing Cards, Sold Out! Reviewed by Ivan on 12/10/2020 Rating: 5

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