Skymember Presents' The Origin is now on Kickstarter!

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Skymember Presents' The Origin is now on Kickstarter!

Skymember Presents' “The Origin” is now on Kickstarter! The deck is designed based on a monumental (Genesis) and implanted the “secret story” of playing cards. The deck hit 200% of its funding goal in the 24 hours!

Crafted for the collector, the deck comes in 2 editions: Collector and Special Edition (pictured above). The decks, when out together, match and harmonizes perfectly with their previous release, Olympians Playing Cards. Collector Edition below:

Inside, the deck is fully custom with artwork by the talented Austin Ho. The Origin comes with reimagined gold and silver suits, detailed Courts, distinctive Ace of Spades, Jokers, and a modern borderless back design. Deluxe Edition pictured below:

The decks are housed in an original and custom-designed tuck case- designed from scratch and shaped like a book! What makes it unique is the embedded 3D multi-layered laser cut frame with holo artwork to make it really stand out.

To top everything off, the deck is gilded with top-of-the-line technology which is usually reserved for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. It won’t tarnish over time and will continue to fan effortlessly.

Definitely a conversation starter in your collection. Available NOW on Kickstarter and pledge starts at $28 for the Special Edition deck. 

Cinematography and photographed courtesy of Skymember Presents (Instagram: @skymember_series) and talented director Herman H. (Instagram: @coffeelicker)

Skymember Presents' The Origin is now on Kickstarter! Reviewed by Ivan on 1/04/2021 Rating: 5

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