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5 Things You Should Know About Archaios Muthos Playing Cards by Nadine Sophie

Archaios Muthos Playing Cards is a custom hand-illustrated deck designed by Nadine Sophie, now available on Kickstarter. The deck is inspired by ancient Greek mythology and features the gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters of ancient Greece and features over 300 hours of illustration work.

The artwork on the card back is filled with ancient Greek ornaments and the courts showcase some of the most well-known gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes from ancient Greece. Also, the customized Aces with symbols are linked to characters the Suit represents.

Here are 5 things you should know about Archaios Muthos playing cards:

1. Origin of the Name
Coming up with the right name took Nadine a while. Nadine Sophie told Kardify, "I wanted a name that was rooted in ancient Greece but was also easy to understand and pronounce. After I was studying my ancient Greece dictionary for several days, I finally had the idea for the perfect name for this deck: Archaios Muthos." 

Archaios (Greek: ἀρχαῖος) translates to ancient and original. Muthos (Greek: μῦθος) translates to tales, legends, and myths. 

2. The Theme
Archaios Muthos Playing Cards is drawn with great detail and features the gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines, and monsters of Ancient Greece. "I have always been fascinated with ancient history – especially with the myths and tales around ancient Greece. My vision was to have a deck portraying the most important characters of ancient Greece in my own artistic style.” 

3. The Illustrations and Design
The Archaios Muthos features over 300 hours of illustration work. "As an artist, I'm always striving for ways to come up with something new. Although ancient Greece-themed decks have been created before, I wanted to take my chance to create a deck that is still unique in the way it was illustrated and designed. The deck is entirely hand-drawn with graphic pencils and took me 4 months to complete.” 

4. The Black Edition
This Kickstarter campaign launches with the Archaios Muthos Black Edition. "The idea behind this deck was to emphasize the dark and mysterious ancient Greece Underworld and its characters. Hence, why the black edition comes with a black silk tuck-box and black edges.” The Black Edition will also come with a custom sticker seal.

5. The White Edition
"When I was creating this deck, I wanted to include characters of the Greek Underworld as well as of the Greek Olympus to visualize the interdependence between both worlds." The White Edition will be a stretch goal in the Kickstarter campaign and will unlock at €15,000. It will come with gold-foil stamping and gilded edges. 

Archaios Muthos Playing Cards will be printed by WJPC on 330gsm German black core with matte black edges and a soft touch butter finish. The tuck-box will be adorned with silver-foil stamping and sealed with a custom sticker seal. Pledge starts at ~$16 on Kickstarter


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